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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Arbogast Buzz Plug Jr.

Arbogast Buzz Plug Jr.

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The Arbogast™ Buzz Plug™ is a unique floating buzz bait. On the retrieve, the lure's design allows you to pause the plug near underwater structure to entice fish into striking. Thanks to its buoyant nature, when paused, the front blade portion rises up out of the water, showing an uncharacteristic action fish have never seen. This action also positions the plug's hooks for a sure hook-set. Retrieving the plug at a steady pace produces an enticing wobble. Or, work it like a twitch bait or any other topwater lure. The Buzz Plug's upturned double hook makes this lure nearly weedless, so it's ideal for throwing into grass or wood cover.

  • Upturned double hook
  • Floats
  • Enticing wobble on the retrieve
  • Nearly weedless
  • 2-3/8in.
  • 5/8oz.
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