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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Berkley Squarebull Crankbait

Berkley Squarebull Crankbait

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The Berkley Squarebull Crankbait features a muscular build and an aggressive action that is made to dive into shallow water and sniff out big bass. Providing maximum flash, the Berkley Squarebull Crankbait features a swaggering tail wag that is perfect for running over the tops of grass and targeting shallow areas.

Delivering excellent deflective properties as well, the Berkley Squarebull Crankbait is affixed with a durable square bill that is built for banging against timber and rock to trigger split-second reactions strikes. Armed with two razor-sharp Fusion19 trebles, the Berkley Berkley Squarebull Crankbait delivers a powerful shallow water presentation that locks onto big bass – and won’t let go. 

Berkley  Length Weight Depth
Squarebull 3.5 2" 1/4oz 2-5ft 
Squarebull 5.5 2-3/8" 3/8oz 3-6ft 
Squarebull 7.5 2-3/4" 5/8oz 4-8ft 
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