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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Bomber Jointed Wake Minnow

Bomber Jointed Wake Minnow

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The Bomber Jointed Wake Minnow is designed to dance and move just under the water's surface while creating an eye-catching V-wake behind it. Previously, anglers targeting redfish in the Gulf and bass and stripers on inland lakes modified minnow lures for the same action. Bomber has improved on this tactic and offers it straight out of the package. The 3D body and HD decoration enables this 5-inch lure to attract all species of fish.  The sturdy hardware keeps them hooked until you get a hand on them.

  • Floating
Model Size (in) Weight (oz) Hook Depth
BJWM4 4 -1/2 1/2 #4 Subsurface
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