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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Booty Shaker 7'' Swimbait (2 Pack)

Booty Shaker 7'' Swimbait (2 Pack)

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Premium Hand Poured Soft Swimbait - The Super soft, pliable, and environmentally friendly blend of soft plastics, coupled with the realistic look, smell, and swimming action set this bait apart from the competition. Available in 6 sizes from 3.25" to a giant 8". It drives fish crazy! Try using this with the Jenko Long Shank Custom head or use the Pre-Slit belly to rig up weightless or with a belly weight. The smaller sizes work great on the Jenko J-Pod Umbrella Rig. However you fish it you will love its fish catching POWER! Quantity: 3.25" = 5 per pack 4" = 5 per pack 5"= 4 per pack 6" = 3 per pack 7" = 2 per pack 8" = 1 per pack
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