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Booyah Elite Hardbaits Kit 3pk

Booyah Elite Hardbaits Kit 3pk

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Giving anglers a fantastic selection of lures at an incredible value, the Booyah Elite Hardbaits Kit allows you to attack multiple levels of the water column with some of Booyah’s best fishing catching baits available. Including a Booyah Hard Knock Lipless Crankbait, Booyah Boss Pop Popper, and Booyah XCS100 Series Squarebill Crankbait, the Elite Hardbaits Kit is perfect for any angler and gives you the tools to catch bass in almost any condition. The Elite Hardbaits Kits also saves you a few extra bucks for gas money versus buying all three baits separately.

Total Kit Value - $22

Booyah Hard Knock Lipless Crankbait – The Hard Knock is a great lipless crankbait for aggressive fishing. Multiple rattles create a higher pitch to draw fish from long distances. Specifically weighted to make longer casts. Use it to probe flats in the spring and pick off schoolers in the fall.

Boss Pop Popper – The Boss Pop comes with everything an angler needs to generate vicious surface action. Super-tight engineering, top quality components and a feathered tail allow for a variety of retrieves that will match the mood of the fish.

XCS Series Squarebill Crankbait – This silent squarebill crankbait wobbles and semi-rolls to show its flash. The color patterns with etched scales seal the deal on shallow-feeding bass. The hooks ride up against the body to reduce snags, and the square lip lets you “bump and run” through cover to catch the big ones.

Booyah Length Weight Depth
Hard Knock Lipless 2-1/2" 1/2oz Sinking
Boss Pop 2-5/16" 1/4oz Floating
XCS Series Squarebill 2-5/16" 1/2oz 0-3ft
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