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Castaic Boot Tail

Castaic Boot Tail

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Soon after the original Castaic baits hit the market with such force, the need was recognized for a more realistic swimbait. This swimbait needed to be heavy enough to reach the bottom of deeper waters and swim faster over shallow structure. When word leaked out that the designers at Castaic Softbaits were creating such a swimbait that was catching fish for the pro-staff, there was great excitement among the big-bait aficionados. The swimbaits on this page are what caused all the excitement and anglers everywhere are paying homage to these Castaic Swimbaits. These baits have a special harness that is actually molded into the bait itself. This sort of feature provides a ring on the bottom of the lure so that a split ring and a treble hook can be added. These baits are available in trout and baitfish colors and are effective in all four sizes. The larger baits are quite heavy and should not be thrown on light tackle, so be sure to check out our selection of rods that are designed to throw the big plastic.

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