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Gambler MegaDaddy 5pk

Gambler MegaDaddy 5pk

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The Gambler Mega Daddy is a "super sized" version of Gambler's popular Flappy Daddy - measuring in at a massive 5-inches in length. The Mega Daddy's solid body is perfect for accommodating large hooks for casting, flipping and pitching. The front of the body is segmented and can also be broken off for a more compact presentation or to be used as a large jig trailer. The Mega Daddy's realistic craw arms provide tremendous action and vibration on the fall or behind a jig, and each Mega Daddy is also injected with Gambler BITE scent so bass hold on longer for more positive hooksets. Available in a variety of colors, the Gambler Mega Daddy is perfect for targeting giant large mouths, especially when you need that kicker fish.

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