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Googan Squad Blooper Popper

Googan Squad Blooper Popper

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The Googan Squad Blooper Popper is a topwater popper that will crash and splash its way across the water’s surface to trigger explosive bites. Designed with a cupped mouth for maximum splash and “bloop” sounds, the Googan Squad Blooper Popper sings loudly on the surface to call fish in from a distance. The belly of each Googan Squad Blooper Popper is also outfitted with a set of rumble strips, which increase drag and surface disturbance so that it stays in the strike zone for a longer period of time. 

Perfect for all seasons, the Googan Squad Blooper Popper can be worked quickly with sharps snaps of the rod tip to resemble the action of fleeing baitfish being chased to the surface by predators. For a slower and more subtle approach, anglers can utilize short sweeps from the rod tip, allowing the bait to gently plop on the surface, which mimics feeding baitfish and an easy target for hungry bass. Finished with a feathered treble hook on the rear for additional attraction, the Googan Squad Blooper Popper is one that you can’t ever leave the dock without.

Googan Squad Length Weight Class
Blooper Popper 2-3/4" 3/8oz Topwater
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