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Googan Squad Grass Hero Swim Jig

Googan Squad Grass Hero Swim Jig

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There’s almost no better way to catch a big bass than in dense grass because of the opportunity to effectively ambush baitfish in the underwater jungle. To reach these fish, the Googan Squad Grass Hero Swim Jig is the perfect tool for the job. Featuring a slender head shape that narrows to a point with a vertical tie, the Googan Squad Grass Hero Swim Jig is designed to penetrate heavy vegetation on the fall and then glide through the slop with ease, attracting predators and triggering vicious attacks. It is also equipped with an innovative U-shaped weedguard that is built to wrap around the point of the hook for increased weedlessness without sacrificing any hook setting performance. 

Pair it with any of your favorite soft plastic trailers to create a wobbling action or thumping vibration, the Googan Squad Grass Hero Swim Jig is equipped with a double barbed keeper system that holds soft plastics firmly in place to increase durability. It is also backed by a super strong and incredibly sharp hook that gives anglers the power needed to get big fish out of heavy cover with authority. Finished with a custom hand-tied skirt that produces more flare than cheap rubber banded skirts, the Googan Squad Grass Hero Swim Jig is made for anglers who aren’t scared of battling fish in the nastiest of cover. 

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