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Googan Squad Micro Klutch Lipless Crankbait

Googan Squad Micro Klutch Lipless Crankbait

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The Googan Squad Micro Klutch Lipless Crankbait is a choice lure to use when you see tiny shad baitfish erupting through the water's surface, popping into the air. That's a sign that predators are feeding and zoned in on that size and time to start throwing small plugs like these Micro Klutch Lipless crankbaits. These little Googan Squad lipless cranks in your clutch are too much for panfish, trout, and bass as the realistic and tight wobble mimics swimming baitfish and fleeing crawfish.

The Micro Klutch Lipless Crankbait dives to the depth painted on its underside and entices its size and its baitfish and crawfish color variety and internal rattles that attract predators from a distance. Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks hold fast to keep the fish that take the bait. Crank this Googan Squad sinking lure year long in all water types and conditions with a slow and steady retrieve or turn up the speed for a more top-running effect to mimic baitfish leaping through the water's surface. Your bait is always more effective when it closely imitates the prey of your target fish, and for a spot-on shad impersonation, put a few of these Googan Squad Micro Klutch Lipless Crankbaits in your cache.


  • Shad-shaped lipless crankbait
  • Rattles
  • Attracts panfish, trout, and bass
  • Suitable for all water types and conditions
  • Diving depth: sinking
  • Equipped with Mustad Triple Grip hooks
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