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Googan Squad Revolver Topwater Bait

Googan Squad Revolver Topwater Bait

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Bringing in fish with a bang by stirring up water with a center-mounted rotating fin, the Googan Squad Revolver is a topwater terror that puts fish on notice with a distinct plopping noise and disruptive action on the retrieve. Incorporating major innovations to evolve this category for the new millennium, the Revolver is designed with a flattened tail that prevents rollover at any speed and adds visual action to the chaos by allowing the body to jitter enticingly instead of roll across the surface.

By positioning the rotating fin at the center of the bait the hooks are the clear target, so anglers can enjoy improved hook-up ratios, far fewer short strikes, and draw hungry bass directly to the business end of the Revolver. Perfectly weighted to ensure it always lands upright on every cast, the Googan Squad Revolver is finished with premium components and proven paint schemes so you can stop chasing and spend more time catching!

Googan Squad Length Weight Class
Revolver 4.5" 1/2oz Topwater
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