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Lew's Mach Werkbait 90 Hard Bait

Lew's Mach Werkbait 90 Hard Bait

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Suspending at depth and rising slowly to attract powerful reaction strikes, the Mach Baits Werkbait Wakebait battles and darts side-to-side erratically when twitched with the rod tip to mimic an injured or distressed baitfish. A great choice for pressured fish and locating cold water bites, the Werkbait Wakebait provides the perfect finesse profile for fishing over shallow vegetation, rocky flats, and targeting finicky fish.

The carved bill delivers unique action when twitched slowly or ripped erratically at high speed and achieves its irresistible fish-catching action when you move the bait with some slack in your line. Fitted with Mustad KVD Elite Short Triple Grip treble hooks for second-to-none hook penetration, the Mach Baits Werkbait Wakebaits are available in realistic eye-popping color designs that will get the fish biting no matter where you fish!

Mach Baits Length Weight Depth Class
Werkbait Wakebait 3.5"  5/16oz 1-3ft Floating
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