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LIVE TARGET Hollow Body Shiner

LIVE TARGET Hollow Body Shiner

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Combining a realistic shiner profile with a weedless hollow body design, the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Shiner was precisely engineered to replicate one of the most common freshwater forages. Confidently fish it in open water, through cover, and under docks, the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Shiner features a perfectly weedless construction that easily gets in and out of cover where the big fish live. It also features a long slender body shape, which not only mimics a shiner to perfection but also gives it the ability to effortlessly walk the dog.

Expect big hook up power as well, the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Shiner is equipped with an extra strong forged single hook for increased hook setting performance and an accessory belly hanger so anglers can add a treble hook for short striking fish or a blade for added flash. Painted using a highly sophisticated process that results in ultra realistic color patterns, the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Shiner sets the new standard for hollow body lures. 

LIVETARGET Length Weight Class
Hollow Body Shiner 3.75" 3/8oz Topwater
Hollow Body Shiner 4.5" 1/2oz Topwater
Hollow Body Shiner 5.6" 3/4oz Topwater
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