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LIVE TARGET Ghost Tail Minnow

LIVE TARGET Ghost Tail Minnow

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Taking realism to a whole new level, the LIVETARGET Ghost Tail Minnow will fool fish into engulfing the entire bait without hesitation. Crafted with anatomical precision, the LIVETARGET Ghost Tail Minnow utilizes LIVETARGET’s Injected Core Technology and a proprietary metal powder, which provides a lifelike profile and vibrant metallic flash that looks exactly like a real live baitfish. It also features a unique tail design that generates a finesse quivering action to emulate the subtle movements of a small minnow.

Ideal for difficult conditions when you need extra realism to put fish in the boat, the Live Target Ghost Tail Minnow requires the slightest movement from the rod tip to produce a very natural action and is perfect for a drop shot or any other finesse application. Offered in highly detailed baitfish color patterns, the LIVETARGET Ghost Tail Minnow is as close as you can get to live bait. 

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