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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Lunkerhunt Gambit Swimbait

Lunkerhunt Gambit Swimbait

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Built for all species of gamefish in any type of environment, the Lunkerhunt Gambit Swimbait delivers a one-of-kind swimming action that works extremely well in both freshwater and saltwater. Featuring a hollow body design similar to a frog, the Lunkerhunt Gambit Swimbait is completely weedless, which allows anglers to fish it through vegetation, brush, laydowns, and rocks without snagging. It is also made from a super soft yet extremely durable plastic that allows the body to collapse and deploy the internal 5/0 jig hook as soon as a fish strikes for rock solid hooksets. 

Fish it through cover or in open water, the Lunkerhunt Gambit Swimbait is molded with a segmented tail that produces an incredible swimming action at both high and low speeds. Offered in a wide selection of freshwater and saltwater forage base colors, the Lunkerhunt Gambit Swimbait provides unmatched realism and performance that can be used in places where no other swimbait has ever gone before. 

Lunkerhunt Length Weight Class
Gambit Swimbait 4.5" 5/8oz Sinking
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