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Lunkerhunt Hollow Body Skitter Lizard

Lunkerhunt Hollow Body Skitter Lizard

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Providing anglers with an opportunity to fish topwater in a very different way than seen before, the Lunkerhunt Hollow Body Skitter Lizard maintains Lunkerhunt’s drive to continuously create new, cutting-edge, and innovative bait concepts. The Skitter Lizard is a highly realistic soft-bodied lizard that functions much like a frog, but with a soft curly tail that churns up water to produce a unique gurgling action when reeled across the water’s surface. Equipped with a premium sticky sharp 4/0 double frog hook and a built-in 5/0 stinger hook, anglers will appreciate quality hook-up ratios even when the fish are only swiping at the tail.

Featuring a lifelike 3D molded head and body, realistic swimming arms, and textured curly tail, the Skitter Lizard is designed to have a highly natural and anatomically correct lizard shape. Delivering tail-churning action that will blow the minds of anglers that see it in action, the LunkerHunt Hollow Body Skitter Lizard is a completely unique and one-of-a-kind offering that will fool opportunistic lunker-sized bass.

Lunkerhunt Length Weight Class
Skitter Lizard 5.25" 3/4oz Floating
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