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Megabass XPOD Top Water/Subsurface Lure

Megabass XPOD Top Water/Subsurface Lure

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The Megabass Xpod was designed to transform the way anglers approach topwater fishing. With a seven-position adjustable lip, anglers can tune the XPOD in ways that radically change its action and diving capabilities on the fly in order to adapt to changing conditions. In calm conditions that require minimal amounts of surface commotion, the XPOD can be fished with the lip completely closed for a topwater walking action that will elicit reaction strikes. In rougher conditions where you?d benefit from more splashes and attention drawing ruckus, the lip can be opened to produce a shallow diving and prominent chugging action. Finally, if you need to abandon the topwater approach all together, adjust the lip to its fully open position to transform the XPOD into a subsurface swimmer. With this unmatched versatility, the XPOD is a bait that can be fished with confidence, knowing that finding the right action is only a click away. The XPOD features a robust construction and a strikingly realistic profile and paintjob. With its internal structure supports and rugged saltwater-friendly hardware, this do-it-all topwater bait is just as much at home on the lake as it is on the bay.

  • Jr. - 3.5in.
  • Standard - 4in.


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