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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Mustad Ultrapoint Offset Worm Hook

Mustad Ultrapoint Offset Worm Hook

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Mustad's Ultrapoint three-stage grinding technology produces an incredibly sharp needle point, but because more of the metal remains the point won't roll or lose sharpness - keeping that sticky sharpness longer. Ultrapoint hooks also feature Mustad's unique three-stage Nor-tempering process, creating a fine grained, ultra-strong micro structure that is up to 30% stronger than conventionally tempered hooks.


  • The Mustad Ultrapoint Offset Worm Hook is chemically sharpened to Ultrapoint.
  • Features an Opti-angle Needle Point.
  • It is nor-tempered.
  • Offset shank worm hook.
  • Fine wire and black nickel finish.

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