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Seaguar Offshore Angler Extreme Fluorocarbon - Clear

Seaguar Offshore Angler Extreme Fluorocarbon - Clear

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Offshore Angler introduced Extreme Fluorocarbon in 1996, and quickly gained a strong following by making it affordable for the average angler. And today, anglers all over the world are discovering the advantages of using fluorocarbon leader material. This amazing filament, because of its minimal light-reflective qualities, is less visible to fish, resulting in more bites for its diameter than mono. In addition, the multiple carbon fiber construction allows a shredded leader to retain even more strength, whereas the slightest nick in your monofilament leader is usually the kiss of death. The word is out -- Extreme Fluorocarbon outperforms mono time and time again for more fishing success.


Color: Clear
Length: 100 Meters
Lb. Test: 40
Diameter: 0.62 mm
Color: Clear
Length: 100 Meters
Lb. Test: 60
Diameter: 0.74 mm


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