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Rapala Rap V Blade Blade Bait

Rapala Rap V Blade Blade Bait

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Delivering the perfect balance of metal, plastic, and Rapala expertise, the Rapala V Blade Blade Bait is an extremely versatile bait that can be worked in all sections of the water column with a wide range of techniques. Combining elements from a traditional blade bait and a lipless crankbait, the Rapala V Blade Blade Bait is built with a metal frame and durable plastic body, which creates instant start up vibration and a loud rattling noise that is unlike any other lure on the market. It also features two line-ties that allow anglers to adjust the amount of vibration and posture of the lure for different presentation styles.

Whether you’re fishing deep or shallow, the Rapala V Blade Blade Bait can be used with a fast or slow retrieve, yo-yo’d along the bottom, or vertically jigged for suspended fish, there is no wrong way to fish it. To ensure you hook and land more fish, it is also outfitted with a VMC black nickel round bend treble on the rear and a VMC black nickel double belly hook that provides lightning fast hook penetration when a fish bites. Available in a wide selection of Rapala’s proven fish catching colors, the Rapala V Blade Blade Bait delivers the right action and attitude that is a perfect choice for any species of gamefish.

Rapala Length Weight Class
V BLade 2-1/2" 1/2oz Sinking
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