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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Savage Gear 3D Bat

Savage Gear 3D Bat

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Based on a 3D scan of an actual bat, the Savage Gear 3D Bat delivers an oversized profile and a unique crawling action that elicits brutal topwater strikes. Built with large articulating metal wings, the Savage Gear 3D Bat creates a super-frantic waddling action that draws-in big fish from a distance.

Taking attraction a step further, the Savage Gear 3D Bat also features a high-pitch, built-in rattle that generates a unique acoustic agitation. Built to handle the largest and most aggressive predators, the Savage Gear 3D Bat features a durable ABS body and heavy-duty hardware, including hand-tied feather trebles. Unlike anything else on the market, the Savage Gear 3D Bat delivers a frantic topwater action that will drive big bass absolutely “bat-ty.”

Savage Gear Length Weight
3D Bat 75 3" 1/4oz

3D Bat 90

3D bat 125





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