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Savage Gear 4D Pulse Tail Trout Line-Thru Swimbait

Savage Gear 4D Pulse Tail Trout Line-Thru Swimbait

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If you’re big bass dreaming, it is time to wake up and put a whale in your livewell with the Savage Gear 4D Pulse Tail Trout Line-Thru Swimbait. It features a game-changing Pulse Tail design that delivers a subtle, ultra-realistic action, that can be fishing at slow, medium, and even high speeds with a tail-thumping motion. An innovative slot is also incorporated into the top of the tail so the angler can modify their swimbait with scent or a rattle to further tempt any unconvinced trophy lunkers into tasting your trout. Savage Gear applied the same attention to detail that they did in the tail to the rest of the body. With its incredibly life-like body profile and colors, the bass in your lake simply won’t be able ignore it. Complimenting the beautiful design and finish of the Pulse Tail Trout is a unique and adaptable rigging system.

Its versatile line-thru design implements an internal ‘Y’ split allowing you to back or belly mount your favorite treble hook, and tailor its placement based on the structure or cover you are working. Additionally, once you hook up with your new personal best, the line-thru design removes any leverage the fish may have to throw the hook. Get an edge on the bass with a bait that is based on a scan of a real trout, the Savage Gear 4D Pulse Tail Trout Line-Through Swimbait, and fish a swimbait that is as close as it gets to fishing with live bait.

Savage Gear Length Weight Hook Size
Pulse Tail Line Thru Trout 6-1/3" 1-4/5oz #2
 Pulse Tail Line Thru Trout 8"  3-2/3oz #1
Pulse Tail Line Thru Trout 10" 7oz 1/0
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