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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Savage Gear Glass Minnow

Savage Gear Glass Minnow

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Built with a simple yet extremely effective design, the Savage Gear Glass Minnow is a certified fish catcher in both inshore and offshore waters. The Glass Minnow's streamlined, highly aerodynamic profile makes it a phenomenal casting lure, perfect for launching into pods of bait or schooling game fish spotted from far away. It features a vibrant high speed swimming action and will fall horizontally when paused, showcasing its vivid holographic finishes with a tight flutter that will get smashed by actively feeding predators. The Glass Minnow is truly one of those "Swiss Army Knife" lures that can be effective in just about any waters, but it truly specializes in catching high speed predators keyed on small, fasting moving bait like false albacore, bonito, and Spanish mackerel. Built with a high-impact clear epoxy coating and fitted with 4X treble hooks, the Glass Minnow will remain unfazed by hard hitting and toothy predators for quite some time.

Size Length Action
5/8oz 3" Sinking
7/8oz 3-1/2" Sinking
1-1/4oz 4-1/4" Sinking
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