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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Savage Gear Prop Walker

Savage Gear Prop Walker

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Part pencil popper, part prop bait, the Savage Gear Prop Walker offers a hybrid design that gives anglers the best of both worlds. Designed with durable, detachable PVC blades, the Savage Gear Prop Walker creates a prominent sputtering action with the blades attached, allowing anglers to efficiently cover miles of water. Without the blades, the Savage Gear Prop Walker delivers a traditional pencil popper presentation with a smooth-walking action.

Taking acoustic attraction to new heights, the Savage Gear Prop Walker features a large rattle chamber that calls bass in from a distance with a distinct sound. Precisely weighted to cast like a bullet, the Savage Gear Prop Walker comes equipped with premium 4X strong trebles that are made to handle big, tournament-winning fish. Bridging the gap between prop baits and walking baits, the Savage Gear Prop Walker offers a hybrid attraction that is like getting two premium topwater in one

Savage Gear Length Weight Class
Prop Walker 4" 3/4oz Topwater
Prop Walker 5-1/4" 1oz Topwater
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