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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Savage Gear Pulse Tail Bluegill LB Swimbaits

Savage Gear Pulse Tail Bluegill LB Swimbaits

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Based off a 3D scan of a live bluegill, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail Bluegill LB Swimbaits exhibit unparalleled realism in both their appearance and their swimming action. These swimbaits feature Savage Gear's patent pending Pulse Tail design that creates a subtle lifelike tail kick at a variety of speeds. The Pulse Tail Bluegill LB (Loose Body) Swimbaits come unrigged, but have a unique quick-rigging hook system that allows you to quickly and easily clip on the included heavy duty weighted swimbait hook. Simply slip the hook through the slotted belly for a completely weedless presentation that can slip trough grass and heavy cover to get to where the big bass live. Offered in a variety of photorealistic color patterns, the Pulse Tail Bluegill LB Swimbaits are sure to match the hatch and get you bit wherever Bluegill live.

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