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Savage Gear Pulse Tail Shiner LB Swimbaits

Savage Gear Pulse Tail Shiner LB Swimbaits

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Based off a 3D scan of a live shiner, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail Shiner LB Swimbaits offer the ultimate realistic presentation along with a completely weedless rigging system. These swimbaits feature Savage Gear's patent pending Pulse Tail design that creates a subtle lifelike tail kick at a variety of speeds. The Pulse Tail Shiner LB (Loose Body) Swimbaits come unrigged, but have a unique quick-rigging hook system that allows you to quickly and easily clip on the included heavy duty weighted swimbait hook. Simply slip the hook through the slotted belly for a completely weedless presentation that can slip trough grass and heavy cover to get to where the big bass live. Offered in a variety of photorealistic color patterns, the Pulse Tail Shiner LB Swimbaits are an excellent year-round choice of lure on almost any body of water in the country.

Slow Sinking
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