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Yo-Zuri 3DR Series Minnows

Yo-Zuri 3DR Series Minnows

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Built with an extreme level of attention-to-detail, the Yo-Zuri 3DR Series Minnow is the product of skilled Japanese engineering and made to excel when the fishing pressure is at its peak. Featuring Yo-Zuri’s internationally patented 3D Internal Prism that sends out flashes of reflected light over greater distances. It also allows the 3DR Minnow to look more natural and more closely resemble that of a real baitfish as it darts through the water. Extremely responsive to rod tip movements as well, it is easy to manipulate with a variety of actions and it produces a consistently, erratic darting and rolling action that drives bass crazy. The 3DR Series Minnow also features Yo-Zuri’s patented Wave-Motion Ribbing, which creates a strong vibration meant to tantalize bass’ lateral lines.

Also outfitted with proprietary black nickel treble hooks and super strong black nickel split rings for enhanced durability and increased hook setting performance, the Yo-Zuri 3DR Series Minnow is available in a range of highly realistic colors that mimic the most important bass forage species.

Yo-Zuri Length Weight Depth
3DR Minnow 70mm 2-3/4" 1/4oz 3ft
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