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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Yum Ned Rig Essentials Kit

Yum Ned Rig Essentials Kit

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To get in on the hottest bass technique going, all you need is a Yum® Ned Rig Essentials Kit. This pro-selected finesse assortment makes it easy, taking aim at lethargic bass with perfectly matched bodies and heads that can convince even the stubborn ones to take a swipe. While each kit has a different mix of colors, they all feature premium scent-infused Yum bodies, ideally sized for rigging on Yum Ned Jigheads (included) and designed to mimic the prevailing forage: minnows, crawfish, or in the case of the Dingers, a wide range of aquatic food sources. Your kit includes 5 Ned Dingers, 5 Ned Minnows, 5 Ned Craws, and 1 each 1/8-oz. and 1/-2 oz. Ned Jigheads.

  • Pre-selected Ned rigging assortment
  • Perfectly matched for finesse fishing
  • Includes 2 Yum Ned Jigheads
  • 15 scent-infused Yum Ned bodies in 3 styles
  • Assorted colors
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