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Z-Man Mag Shroomz 3pk

Z-Man Mag Shroomz 3pk

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Taking Ned rigs to a new level, the Z-Man Mag Shroomz allows anglers the utilize the finesse presentation of a Ned rig with an upsized profile to target bigger fish. Built around a custom 6/0 wide gap hook to accommodate larger soft plastics, the Z-Man Mag Shroomz is molded with Z-Man’s classic mushroom head design, which is the preferred shape of Ned-rig enthusiasts for traversing over all types of terrain without getting snagged and keeping your bait pointed in an upward position to tempt finicky fish into biting. This design also allows anglers to use baitcasting equipment and heavier tackle without having to worry about bending the hook out or losing fish during the fight. Complete with a welded wire bait keeper that provides a firm grip on plastics, the Z-Man Mag Shroomz is the perfect way to fish bigger baits on a Ned rig.

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