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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Bass Assassin Skunk Ape

Bass Assassin Skunk Ape

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Take your flipping game to the next level with the Bass Assassin Skunk Ape. Perfect for flipping, pitching, and punching heavy vegetation, the Bass Assassin Skunk Ape features a fully ribbed body and fully ribbed appendages that displace a tremendous amount of water and entice big fish to bite. The Bass Assassin Skunk Ape also features appendages that can be left attached for a more subtle gliding action or split apart to create a more aggressive flapping action, which gives anglers maximum versatility. 

Highly effective 365 days a year, the Bass Assassin Skunk Ape is built for flipping, but also works extremely well as a jig trailer, on a Carolina-rig, or on a swinging jighead. Offered in a range of custom color combinations, the Bass Assassin Skunk Ape will make a fine addition to any angler’s tackle box. 

Size: 4.25 inch.  Qty: 7

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