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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Berkley Flicker Shad Pro Pack

Berkley Flicker Shad Pro Pack

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Put our Berkley® Flicker Shad Pro Pack in your tackle box to save a bit and be ready for changing water conditions. Designed by pros for optimal action, the #7 Flicker Shad is a fish-catching machine, with a unique rattle and extra-sharp black-nickel hooks; you'll find it deadly for both trolling and casting. Pro Pack #2 includes 3 crankbaits – 1 each of these exclusive colors: Slick Mouse, Slick Fire tiger, Slick Purple Candy.

  • Proven trolling and casting bait
  • Designed for optimal action
  • Unique rattle for extra attraction
  • Extra-sharp black-nickel hooks
  • 3 crankbaits, 3 exclusive colors
  • 3in. 1/3oz.
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