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Booyah Toad Runner Frogs

Booyah Toad Runner Frogs

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Delivering a loud topwater buzzing action that leaves all other frogs in its wake, the Booyah Toad Runner Frog elicits bone-jarring strikes that are not for the faint of heart. It is built around a modified Booyah Pad Crasher body with added side rails to help the Toad Runner plane more easily and stay upright. A 360-degree rotating tail creates a plopping sound and hard churning action that fish cannot resist.

It also includes a molded-in wire, which allows you to bend the tail to change the action and sound of the tail for different conditions. Precisely sized silicone legs balance and stabilize the Toad Runner during the retrieve, while also providing a lifelike appearance and motion when paused. Complete with a razor sharp double frog hook, the Booyah Toadrunner Frog will add a new element to your frog fishing arsenal. 

Booyah Length Weight
Toad Runner 4.5" 7/8oz
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