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Bullet Weights RED Brass Carolina Rig Kit

Bullet Weights RED Brass Carolina Rig Kit

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Bullet Weights® Brass Carolina Rig kit. Includes: 2 Brass Carolina Fishing Weights each and 2 Glass Beads. Each pack allows you to make two rigs. Brass Carolina Weights are the most popular style for weight for Carolina rigging. Combined with a glass bead they will make much more noise than a lead sinker. Our brass weights are polished for an extra-fine finish. Great for bass fishing!

Brass Carolina Rig with beads

  • Brass Carolina Rig 0.5 Oz With Beads
  • Brass Ticker or disc
  • Glass beads
  • Make 2 rigs
  • Good For Carolina Rigging
  • Make Much More Noise Than a Lead Sinker
  • Brass Weights Are Polished For An Extra-fine Finish 
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