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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Culprit Water Dragon Worm

Culprit Water Dragon Worm

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Taking the iconic soft plastic lizard to a whole new level, the Culprit Water Dragon Worm is packed full of features from head to tail that is sure to impress. Molded with a highly detailed body, the Culprit Water Dragon Worm features flared gills and filaments, which provide extra gliding action and a slower rate of fall that is absolutely deadly on a Carolina-rig. The Culprit Water Dragon Worm also features longer rear legs and a large flat spot on the tail that pushes water and creates a seductive waving action, especially in a nose-down posture while Texas-rigged. 

Poured with a heavier rear end, the Culprit Water Dragon Worm delivers increased casting accuracy and distance that also makes it an excellent choice for flipping and pitching. Finished with raised ribs on the back to keep your hook perfectly tex-posed and weedless, the Culprit Water Dragon Worm stands head and shoulders above all the other lizards on the market. 

8 per pack

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