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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Duel Hardcore Ninja Swimmer

Duel Hardcore Ninja Swimmer

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Delivering the same level of quality and outstanding value as its gliding twin, the Duel Hardcore Ninja Swimmer provides a carefully engineered wobbling action that was built to attract the largest and hungriest predators. Fitted with an extra-durable lip, the Duel Hardcore Ninja Swimmer moves feet blow the surface with a rolling movement that spurs hungry predators to come take a closer look.

Highly detailed from end-to-end, the Duel Hardcore Ninja Swimmer is covered with a premium finish, realistic 3-D eyes, and a replaceable soft rubber tail. Built to withstand strikes from that bass-of-a-lifetime, the Duel Hardcore Ninja Swimmer is constructed with an incredibly durable double-hinge jointing and stainless steel pins. Backed by super-sharp black-nickel Japanese treble hooks, the Duel Hardcore Ninja Swimmer offers a polished action and a premium construction at a price point that won’t empty your billfold. 

 Duel Hardcore Length Weight Class
Ninja Swimmer 7" 2-1/8oz Floating 
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