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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Duel Hardcore SR Crankbait

Duel Hardcore SR Crankbait

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The perfect way to cover water quickly, efficiently, and with deadly precision, the Duel Hardcore SR Crankbait is ideal for agitating shallow water bass in the 3 to 5-foot range. Featuring their patented magnetic weight transfer system, you will experience an up to 30% increase in casting distance allowing you to cover water faster and more efficiently than ever before. This system combines the best of both, a weight transfer system that enables anglers to make very long casts with precision, as well as a fixed weight that allows a quicker response and an exceptionally stable swimming action. When casting, the weight snaps to the tail of the bait to prevent tumbling, even in strong headwinds. Once the bait enters the water, the weight is pulled forward by the magnet for instant and erratic searching action.

In addition to the SR Crankbait’s exceptional castability, it also boasts premium components from bill to tail. This floating fish-magnet utilizes a durable square bill for a wide wobble hunting action and comes armed with razor-sharp treble hooks ready to stick any fish that dares to investigate it. It sports a highly detailed and durable finish, 3D checkered scale patterns, and 3D eyes to convince even the wariest predator of its authenticity. The perfect tool to find fish in a hurry, the Duel Hardcore SR Crankbait is a match made in hawg heaven.

Duel Hardcore Length Weight Depth Class
SR Crankbait 2-5/8" 1/2oz 3-5ft Floating
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