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Googan Squad Clickbait Bladed Jig

Googan Squad Clickbait Bladed Jig

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The Googan Squad Clickbait Bladed Jig is a hybrid vibrating jig that flashes similar to a bladed jig, has the swimming action of a scrounger, and features a unique vibration and sound that fish have never felt before. When simply reeled, the oversized blade clacks vigorously against the three rattling beads and wire, and puts off a distinct ‘clicking’ noise in the water column. On the fall, the Clickbait shimmies and shakes enticingly, allowing for an easy rise and fall retrieve, making it great for skipping under docks or yo-yo style retrieves.

The Clickbait bladed jig closely resembles a feeling fish on the move, and can be used year round to target aggressive bass feeding shallow on baitfish, crawdads, and other natural forage. Each jig is fitted with hand-tied skirts that will hold up to numerous fish catches and they are manufactured in a multitude of proven, fish-catching color patterns. The Googan Squad Clickbait Bladed Jig utilizes a unique oversized head blade design that allows you to use a fast or aggressive retrieval while still keeping the bait down in the strike zone where the big girls roam.

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