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Googan Squad Mini Recon Crankbait

Googan Squad Mini Recon Crankbait

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Developed and tested by the infamous Googan Squad, the Googan Squad Recon Crankbaits are perfect for targeting any section of the water column and triggering an aggressive feeding response. Each bait is fitted with a rounded bill, which forces them to quickly dive to their respective running depth then deflect off cover to create an aggressive hunting and wobbling action that big fish can’t pass up. Large stainless steel ball bearing rattles also add another level of acoustic attraction, which attracts fish from a greater distance than silent crankbaits and makes it easier for fish to find the bait in dirty water. 

Another innovative feature is that each Googan Squad Recon Crankbait has the diving depth labeled on the bottom so that you always know what depth zone you are targeting and don’t waste time digging through your tackle box wondering if you have the right crankbait for the conditions. Every bait is also armed with Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks that are arguably the best crankbait hooks on the market and provide an unmatched hook-up and landing ratio. Finished with a custom paint job, the Googan Squad Recon Crankbaits are sure to become your new favorite series of crankbaits. 

Googan Squad Length Weight Depth
Recon Crankbait 2" 1/4oz 3-6ft
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