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Heddon Chug'n Spook Walking Bait

Heddon Chug'n Spook Walking Bait

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For more than a half a century the Heddon Spook has been arguably the finest topwater walk-the-dog lure available, and the benchmark by which all others are judged. Despite the countless copies, none have captured the lightning-in-a-bottle of the Spook. Now anglers can add another version of this fish-producing lure, the Heddon Chug'n Spook. Featuring a cupped mouth that expels a tremendous amount of water, the Chug'n Spook still walks-the-dog with ease, creating that hypnotizing action that predator fish can't resist. Delivering the versatility of two lures in one, the Heddon Chug'n Spook is a must have bait for all topwater enthusiasts.

Heddon Length Weight Class Hooks
Chug'n Spook Jr. 3-1/2" 1/2oz Topwater #6
Chug'n Spook 4-7/8" 1oz Topwater #4
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