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Hyperlastics Dartspin 4.5"

Hyperlastics Dartspin 4.5"

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A Patrick Sebile design, the Dartspin is a very versatile and superiorly designed, SofTough plastic bait with a minnow shape and a willow blade solidly embedded into its tail. Its body can be rigged many ways while the willow leaf blade adds flash and vibration – weedless on a swimbait hook, jig head, weighted belly hook, dropshot, Texas/Carolina fishing rigs, drop shot, or a super strong and compact hook for big fish, etc. –. Great as a trailer bait on swimming jig, rubber jig, spinnerbait, buzzbait and others! The Dartspin is designed to do what you want: cast and retrieving, trolling, twitching, pitching, jigging into heavy cover or open water, fresh or salt, shallow or deep. No matter the action, it follows what you want it to do as it offers a wide variety of action depending on how it is used, making the Dartspin one of the most versatile lures ever designed. The Dartspin comes in colors and sizes to catch anything, anywhere!

Made of SofTough material. “Better for the Angler, Better for Nature” is SofTough’s Motto. This material is extremely durable, allowing for more fishing time, less changing baits, and more fish per lure. Buoyant and lifelike, it is non-toxic and has no Phthalates, PVC or plastisol in its components.

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