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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Jenko Fishing CD Series Crankbaits

Jenko Fishing CD Series Crankbaits

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The Jenko CD Series Crankbaits have some unique features that give these crankbaits a fresh new look. The Jenko CD Series Crankbaits dive very quickly and steeply, which allows them to stay at their running depth for a longer period of time. These baits also have flatter sides that help reduce torque when cranking, causing them not to pull as hard as standard crankbaits. The flat sides of the crankbaits allow them to swim and deflect off cover more naturally as well.

The CD Series features a loud knocking rattle that helps attract deep schools of bass from a distance, especially in stained water. They also come equipped with premium hand-painted color schemes and armed with super sharp VMC treble hooks.  Available in a range of sizes and colors, the Jenko CD Series Crankbaits are made for grabbing those deeper fish.

Jenko Length Weight Depth
CD7 2.16" 1/3oz 7-9ft
CD15 2.5" 5/8oz 15+
CD20 3" 1oz 20+
CD25 3.5" 1.7oz 25+
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