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Livingston Dive Master Jr. Pro

Livingston Dive Master Jr. Pro

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Channeling the same advanced bass attraction as its bigger brethren, the Livingston Lures Dive Master Jr. offers a slightly smaller profile that is built to terrorize bass in the 0-4 foot range. Fitted with a durable squarebill, the Livingston Lures Dive Master Jr. provides a wide wobbling action and killer deflections that trigger an aggressive feeding response.

Featuring an Advanced Rattles system, the Livingston Lures Dive Master Jr. bolsters its attraction by transmitting an intense high-frequency rattle that no bass can ignore. To further its bass-catching ability, the Livingston Lures Dive Master Jr. also comes equipped with Livingston Lures’ original EBS (Electronic Baifish Technology), which sets Livingston Lures apart from all other lures. Armed with two razor-sharp treble hooks, the Livingston Lures Dive Master Jr. utilizes patented technologies to create a shallow water presentation that is head-and-shoulders above all the rest.

EBS Technology: Built into Livingston Lures’ original lineup of lures, EBS (Electronic Baitfish Sound) technology is an advanced internal acoustic system that emulates the natural sound of a panicked baitfish. Activated once the bait hits the water, EBS technology consists of a sounder, smart chip, and advanced rattles that work in unison to create a unique tonal agitation. Effective in all fishing conditions, the EBS technology really begins to shine in dirty or dark waters where predators rely on sound before sight to feed. Once it is out of the water and dry, the EBS technology automatically powers down to preserve battery life.


EBS Original - The tone that started it all, EBS original is the one used by Randy Howell to win the 2014 Bassmasters Classic on Lake Guntersville. Designed to imitate the sounds of a distressed baitfish, EBS original appeals to all species of fish and is capable of getting the job done in a wide-range of conditions.

Livingston Lures Length Weight Depth
 Dive Master Jr. 2-1/4" 9/16oz 0-4ft
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