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Luck-E-Strike American Originals Deep Smoothy Crank

Luck-E-Strike American Originals Deep Smoothy Crank

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The new and improved version of the smoothy crankbait, the Luck-E-Strike American Original Deep Smoothy Crankbait boasts a number of upgrades, making it even better than before.  It still maintains the same great head-to-tail action with a smooth flowing beat, and each American Original Deep Smoothy Crankbait is now created with Luck-E-Strike’s new DuraLure technology that includes Aqua 3D and Armor Gloss. 

During the Aqua 3D process, the lure is spun 360-degrees for several hours, making the colors and details more vibrant.  In addition, the Armor Gloss provides a durable gel-coat gloss finish, which makes each lure incredibly tough and resistant to harmful elements such as hard impacts on rocks, sun fading, and even battery acid.  Not only built with new technology, the American Original Series is now 100% crafted in America, using American products and workforce.  With classic action and new tougher armor that will guarantee years of use, the Luck-E-Strike American Original Deep Smoothy Crankbait needs to be in every angler’s crankbait box.

Luck-E-Strike Length Weight Depth
Deep Smoothy 2" 3/8oz 5-8ft
Deep Smoothy 2.5" 1/2oz 8-12ft
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