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Luck-E-Strike Rick Clunn Freak Crankbait

Luck-E-Strike Rick Clunn Freak Crankbait

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After 3 decades of professional bass fishing there isn’t much left for 4 time Bassmaster Classic Champion, Rick Clunn to win. From the early days of a starting pistol take off, to the Elite Series, Rick has seen it all. This collection of baits will showcase the “classic’s”, that no matter what fads come and go in the fishing world, these baits will always end up back in his personal tackle box.

Designed by Elite Series pro Rick Clunn, the 3/4-ounce Luck-E-Strike Freak Deep Diving Crankbait sports an odd square bill that helps achieve a 20 foot diving depth. Clunn claims that the bill’s design reduces cranking resistance and gives the lure a “hydrodynamic image” that’s different from any other deep diver. Due to the bill design, shallow square bill crankbaits are well known for their deflective capabilities, Luck-E-Strike took those same characteristics and applied them towards a deep diving crankbait. Due to the unique bill design, snags and hangups are greatly reduced. Anglers can now fish with confidence knowing that stick-ups, stump fields and timber won’t slow them down. Backed with quality split rings and treble hooks, the Luck-E-Strike Freak Deep Diving crankbait is available in several proven color combinations.

Luck-E-Strike Length Weight Depth
Freak 1 1.75" 1/4oz 6-10ft
Freak 2 2.5" 1/2oz 13ft
Freak 3 3" 3/4oz 16-22ft
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