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Lucky Craft Pointer Minnow Jerkbaits

Lucky Craft Pointer Minnow Jerkbaits

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When Lucky Craft introduced the Pointer series rip-baits, they set the standard by which all other rip-baits are measured. Special internal brass weights create a low center of gravity causing the Pointer to wobble and vibrate when the retrieve is stopped. The Pointer is designed to suspend 4-5 feet deep, and the same weights that create a low center of gravity also emit a fish calling vibration. Not only do the Lucky Craft Pointers have an incredible suspending action, they also have a retrieve action that can't be found in other rip-baits. When ripped or twitched, the pointer has a "Walk the Dog" underwater action that is unique to this bait. From the 78 to the 128, the Pointer series has the sizes, colors and unique fish catching action that only the Pointer can deliver. Try one and you will see why pros have been catching and winning with this lure since its inception.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class Hooks Line Recommendation
Pointer 65(SP) 2-1/2" 3/16oz 4-5ft. Suspending #8 6-8lb
Pointer 78(SP) 3" 3/8oz 4-5ft. Suspending #6 10-12lb
Pointer 100(SP) 4" 5/8oz 4-5ft. Suspending #5 10-12lb
Pointer 128(SP) 5" 1oz 4-5ft. Suspending #4 15-20lb
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