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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Lunkerhunt Needle Jig

Lunkerhunt Needle Jig

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Lunkerhunt Needle Jigs are designed for offshore, near shore, and inshore fishing. They are effective when fished from boat, kayak, reefs, piers, and wharfs. The Cut Bait Jig has a unique UV coating that helps fish visibly find the lure in a wide range of water conditions.

The Lunkerhunt Needle Jig has a cylindrical torpedo like shape that cuts through the water and gets quickly into the strike zone. A single dressed assist hook compliments the Needle Jigs clean design. It creates limited drag in the water but a nice secure hook-up when fish bite.

All Lunkerhunt Assist Jigs work well with speed retrieves, lift and fall retrieves and traditional jigging techniques. They have been designed for saltwater fishing but also catch a wide range of freshwater species as well.

  • Great for inshore and offshore fishing
  • Catches a wide variety of saltwater species
  • Can be jigged vertically or cast
  • A variety of sizes to accommodate different fishing conditions.
  • Available with dressed assist hooks as well as circle hooks and dressing.
  • UV coated
  • Available in 3.5 in.   2 1/4oz
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