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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Lunkerhunt Battle Beetle Crankbait

Lunkerhunt Battle Beetle Crankbait

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For a realistic look your bass haven’t seen before, the Lunkerhunt Battle Beetle Crankbait delivers innovation and meticulous detailing to fool even the most skeptical bass in your lakes and ponds. Featuring a compact design to augment its ‘easy meal’ presentation, the Battle Beetle also dives with a wide side to side action that displaces a tremendous amount of water on the retrieve. Perfect for targeting lunkers lurking in shallow vegetation and structure, it utilizes a subtle slow float action on the pause to keep it from getting hung up. Finished with feathered treble hooks for added attraction, the Lunkerhunt Battle Beetle Crankbait is a perfect and unique way to target bass that have seen everything anglers typically keep stocked in their tackle box.

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