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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

M-Pack Lures Shad Soft Jerkbait

M-Pack Lures Shad Soft Jerkbait

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M-Pack Lures is known for making groundbreaking innovations in the fishing industry, and they’ve done it once again with their uniquely designed M-Pack Lures Shad. Delivering a few upgrades on the classic soft plastic jerkbait design, it features a triangular-shaped body that gives the bait a slow, quivering action on the fall.

It also has a jointed middle section, which produces a super erratic swimming motion when twitched with the rod tip. A split-belly makes it perfect for weedless Texas-rigging as well, allowing you to get the bait back into thickly vegetated areas where lures with exposed hooks would get snagged.  Stay on the business end of cutting edge technology with the M-Pack Lures Shad.

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