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Molix Sculpo DR Rattlin' Crankbait

Molix Sculpo DR Rattlin' Crankbait

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The Molix Sculpo DR Rattlin' Crankbait is a low profile, deep ranged crankbait created from fine tuning and meticulous attention to detail that aims to perform in the toughest fishing conditions found across the United States. The Sculpo is precisely balanced with Molix's Balanced Emersion System to provide superior casting distance and highly appealing swimming behaviors. This balancing system utilizes a combination of internal weights, volume, and the natural buoyancy of the lure to create a unique wobbling action that perfectly matches the movements of real forage fish or crawfish. This wobble sets the combination of glass and ceramic balls within the bait into motion and sends a two-tone knock echoing through the water to draw the attention of game fish. The Sculpo features an innovative lip design that is built with a high density polycarbonate. This polycarbonate material is extremely strong and is highly resistant to chipping or cracking, making it ideal for scraping along rocky bottoms. The crawfish color patterns even feature realistic claw patterns on the lip, adding a more natural appeal to the baits as they shimmy along the bottom. Anglers can expect a maximum depth range of 6 to 8 feet with the Sculpo DR.

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