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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Owner Mutu Light Circle Hooks

Owner Mutu Light Circle Hooks

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Serious saltwater anglers find Owner's® Mutu Light™ Circle Hooks ideal for rigging both live and chunk baits. These premium Mutu Light Circle Hooks are designed with a unique offset, ''hangnail'' point so fish are jaw-hooked, not gut-hooked, approximately 90% of the time. Super-sharp forged point with a corrosion-resistant finish. Plus, the lighter wire used on these hooks allows for a livelier bait action. 

  • For rigging live and chunk baits
  • Unique offset to jaw-hook fish
  • Forged hook point with a corrosion resistant finish



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1/0 - 40 per pack

2/0 - 34 per pack

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